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We help families navigate the road from addiction to recovery, using proven strategies customized for the unique needs of each client.

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We develop customized plans for each client to ensure the best possible outcome for your family member.


Click to read a series of articles written by Bill Messinger that discuss the intersection of addiction, family wealth, and recovery.

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Weekly updates on news in the field of addiction recovery, family wealth management, and personal stories and opinions.

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Bill and his network members are the recognized leaders in the field, partnering with families, their businesses, advisors, trustees and attorneys to improve outcomes for persons challenged by alcoholism, drug addiction and other behavioral disorders.

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Bill and his colleagues bring professionalism, experience, and passion the helping families face and solve the most difficult addiction issues.

- Ben Oehler, Retired CEO of Waycrosse, Inc. family offices for Cargill, Inc.

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