Monthly Archives: January 2013

William F. Messinger

As the architect and leading proponent of using family resources and influence to encourage compliance with treatment recommendations, Bill is pursuing his mission to improve recovery rates from alcohol and drug addiction. In 1998, he originated the concept of applying very successful treatment protocols for physicians and pilots to other groups and has written extensively on the use of leverage by families to improve outcomes for their loved ones.

Bill helps clients identify and implement winning strategies to combat alcohol and drug addiction in family members. He personally understands the complex relationships and emotional challenges families face when addressing addiction, since starting his own journey of recovery nearly two decades ago. He also educates families, their advisors and trustees about what works for successful intervention, treatment and continued sobriety.

Bill grew up in a family business in Milwaukee, graduated from Yale and the University of Minnesota Law School. His addiction counseling degree is from the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies.