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Governor Dayton and legislature breathe new life into sober schools

After years of cutbacks, MN’s 4 sober schools granted $500,000 in funding

Earlier this week, Minnesota awarded $500,000 in funding to the state’s four sober schools during the 2014 legislative session.  This marks a big moment for recovery-related public policy in Minnesota and is certainly reason to celebrate!

This is especially gratifying news to me, as I am a long-time advocate for increased funding for thousands of Minnesotans and their families coping with the harm caused by substance use disorders.  Sober schools have always been a top priority, as they are a much-need safe haven for young adults who’ve left treatment for substance use disorders and want to start a new life.

The number of sober schools in Minnesota has dwindled from 12 down to just four, and the remaining institutions have struggled to afford keeping crucial counselors on staff in the wake of significant cutbacks.  Now:

  • Each school is eligible for a $125,000 grant in the 2015 fiscal year.
  • Funds can be put toward improving and expanding services, including funding licensed alcohol and chemical dependency counselors, licensed school counselors, licensed school psychologists, licensed school nurses, and licensed school social workers.

This win for the recovery community is just one component to the approved recovery-related legislation for 2015.  Stay tuned to hear more about:

  • additional funding for detox centers;
  • additional funding for Minnesota drug courts; and
  • the unanimous passing of Steve’s Law (MN Good Samaritan + Naloxone bill)!

I would like to thank Governor Mark Dayton, the Coalition of Recovery Investment, United Strategies, and several key legislators who helped take this huge step in the right direction.