Between 30 Rock and A Hard Place: The Rockefeller-AA Connection

As Bill Wilson observed early on, while the well-off are welcomed in AA, many do not stick around for long. That may be due to the widespread resentment expressed by members of the recovery movement, including those in the helping professions.  Having experienced this resentment firsthand, I decided to write Between 30 Rock and a Hard Place in hopes that a detailed recounting of the vital role John D. Rockefeller, Jr., played in supporting Bill and Bob in the early years might make AA a more inviting place for the affluent.


Based on my reading of this history, without JDR, Jr.’s support during the early years, the AA movement would have either failed or, at the very least, taken many more years to become self-sustaining.  My e-book provides a comprehensive review of JDR, Jr.’s role in the development of the 12-step movement and details how his support of Bill and Bob is one of the first examples of entrepreneurial philanthropy.


I might add that the affluent can and do recover by participating in AA if they are careful about disclosing personal information and maintaining firm boundaries so that “dual relationships” are minimized.

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