Our Recovery Challenges – Time for Some Self-Talk

Even if we don’t know the song, we’re more than likely familiar with the lyrics of the Notorious B.I.G.: more money, more problems. Wealth is a double edged sword for many. While it contributes to a more comfortable life, it can also contribute to a more complicated one. In the below article, Tian Dayton, PhD looks at the role that wealth can play in our relationships with ourselves and others, as well as the role it can play in addiction.

Not only can wealth play a role in our addiction, but it can play a role in our recovery. Statistically, recovery rates of the wealthy are far lower than those of other demographics. Take a look at why:

Many people avoid the topic of wealth when it comes to their treatment, but in order to adequately address our addiction, we also have to address the things that impacted our addiction. We’d be doing ourselves a disservice and negatively impacting our recovery journey if we avoid addressing all of our life circumstances that have impacted our addiction. My article below on resentment identifies the ways wealth impacts addiction and provides tips for discussing a sometimes-hard-to-discuss topic.

Sometimes a byproduct of wealth is being considered “special” – feeling unique, different and superior. Feeling special can also negatively impact our road to recovery. Read more: